When you buy a car insurance, have you ever noticed that OEM-replacement option exists additionally in your policy? If yes, you’re a badass, get out of here :))).

For me, I hadn’t known what OEM-replacement option is until my car got hit.

What is OEM-replacement option for car policy?

OEM-replacement is an option in the coverage policy that will force the insurance provider to use the original equipment manufacturer parts to replace the damages for your car primarily. If your car is too aged and there is no OEM parts at all, then they will look for aftermarket parts.

What does the insurance company do when the accident NOT at your fault?

Well. You might think your car will be replaced by OEM parts for the damages because it is not at your fault? It is NOT.

The insurance industry always pick the aftermarket parts for your damages! Why? Because it’s way cheaper than OEMs and sometimes it’s identical to the OEMs.

What you can do to fight for your right?

Finally, I found a local body shop whose owner is very nice and professional. He had dealt with the insurance guy and accepted to take the bad pieces of cake in order to replace OEM parts.